1764 Tax Lists, Perquimans County, North Carolina

Scanned from original copies of the archival documents by Harold Colson in August 2001.

Source: North Carolina State Archives, Perquimans County, Miscellaneous Records, Jury Lists, 1762-1768

These stray tax lists were found in a search of the county jury records. I present them early, without accompaniment, owing to their superior legibility.

A list of the Masters and Mistreses of the familys in Joseph Perry District / October the 10th 1764 Joseph Perry proved the above list to be all the masters and mistresses of familys in his district before me [signed] Robert Riddick
62 names: front

This is a true list of the masters mistrus and overseers of famileys sumned to give in thear list of taxeble for the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty four sumned to give in to John Clayton / October the 9th day 1764 [signed] John Weekes Counstable
83 names: front