Corn Lists, Perquimans County, North Carolina

Scanned and transcribed from original photocopies of the archival documents by Harold Colson in April 2000.

Source: North Carolina State Archives, Colonial Court Records, Taxes & Accounts, 1679-1754, CCR 190, Corn Lists, n.d., 1715-1716

Background: In 1712, to raise provisions for the Tuscarora war, the government of North Carolina imposed a levy of corn on every tithable in the colony. Tallies of the bushels supplied by the colonists in Perquimans and elsewhere survive as "corn lists" of sometimes undated provenance. Old Albemarle researchers may find them useful, nonetheless, and so this page offers various corn list materials selected for their likely genealogical value.

An Accompt of what Corne has Been recd of the Levy of one Bushel per head on the Tythables of this Goverment and how dispos'd of (undated, probably 1716)
here are the first four pages with some 400 named receipts from Chowan, Perquimans, and Pasquotank precincts; the complete document was transcribed in North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, 12:4 (November 1986): 213-219
title sheet | reverse side of title sheet | continuation sheet | reverse side of continuation sheet

Defeciencys of the Corne (no date)
loose sheet in same handwriting as above

Recusants returned to the Governr by the Receivers of the Corne Levy (no date)
30 names, apparently persons who failed or refused to comply with the levy
front | reverse

A Lest of Corne brought in for the youse of the Contry upon the Sowswest Side of Pequimens as followeth this 16th of the 12 mo: 1715 and sence / A true acoumpt [signed] Thomas Peirc Sener
39 names
front | transcription

A List of Corne Received by Mr Francis Tomes for the Contry farms / Febery the 15 - 1715 / [on reverse] the above were given by Fra: Tomes since the first Return
38 names, from Perquimans
front | reverse | transcription

Lest of publick Corn (no date)
Perquimans fragment
front | transcription