Quit Rent Payments, Perquimans County, North Carolina, 1735

"QUITRENT. A fixed sum, payable in money or in kind (produce or commodities), owed by a FREEHOLDER to his feudal superior in lieu of other services. In colonial North Carolina quitrents were often minor sums collected mainly to symbolize the authority of the Lords Proprietors or the Crown."    [Definition from: North Carolina Research: Genealogy and Local History, 2nd edition, p. 593]

Scanned by Harold Colson in April 2000.

Source: The State Records of North Carolina, Volume XXII, pp. 240, 251-254


ACCOUNT of the Receipt of one-half of the arrears of His Majesty's Quit Rents for Albemarle County (vizt) from 29 September 1729, to March 1732, Computed at the difference of Seven for one pound Sterling in the Currency of this Province - 12 June, 1735.

Perquimons Precinct